IT Services
Technoclick is here to supply IT services such as PC Fixing, Configurations, Antivirus sales, Installation and Updating, Website development and many other requirement as the company/Organization/Institution may demand.It is the choice of organizations to employ Technoclick to do your IT jobs instead of employing single IT expert.Technoclick Solutions will provide various IT services,

regarding to the number of services required by the organization/Institution, at the fixed price that will be set between the Organization and Technoclick

Servicing model may be contractual or non contractual depending on the client’s preference.

There will be over scoped computer services which will not be undersigned within the contract. These services involve complete redesign of computer network, new system design/Website design and Full computer upgrading i.e. Purchasing new Hardware, the Technoclick will recommend the required device, then the complete upgrading will be undersigned in the normal contract.


Technoclick Solutions offers a complete, ongoing support service including new software releases and the latest bug fixes.

Maintenance Service Agreements are fixed price contracts and include the following support services:

  • Hardware/Software Maintenance
  • Network / LAN / WAN Support
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Restoration/reinstallation of operating systems, major applications
  • Weekly maintenance tasks
  • Server file optimizations
  • Monthly maintenance tasks

Computer hardware and software is becoming more sophisticated and prevalent. Full management of the increasingly complex relationships between these requires a large investment in both time and training. The costs for the customer in acquiring the necessary skill sets in-house are often unable to be justified. The result of leaving a system to manage itself can be disastrous. PRIGE Computers has considerable expertise in Total System Management and is able to offer this as part of an overall support package. With our high calibre consultants we are able to offer you up to date information and advice, to give you peace of mind that your system is being well managed and is cost effective.